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I began advertising on about a year ago. I was seeking to market my family law and estate planning practice to the gay and lesbian community in Central Kentucky, and your website seemed like a good fit. Since I began advertising with you, I have had several clients tell me that they didn’t know how to go about finding an attorney who was sensitive to LGBT issues. Not knowing who to ask, they resorted to online search engines to find a gay lawyer. They found me at your website, and I have been able to assist them with their important family and estate planning matters. Thank you!

Keith Doniphan Elston
Lexington, Kentucky

Here is a testimonial by Mitchell Katine, a Houston, TX attorney most famous for serving as local counsel for John Lawrence and Tyron Garner in Lawrence v. Texas, wherein the United States Supreme Court on June 26, 2003 overruled Bowers v. Hardwick and removed sodomy laws throughout America.

"In the mid 1980s HIV started to devastate the gay community and no one knew where to go for help. There were not many lawyers or doctors at that time who knew anything about HIV, but a few professionals decided that they needed to be prepared to help the community, and they did. We are now faced with a new age of gay and lesbian freedom, and with that freedom comes legal issues and responsibilities that must be taken seriously. is the answer to the new gay legal situation. provides a much needed resource to help members of the community find the answers to new and unique legal problems through educated professionals. As with HIV in the 1980s, this new era can be scary without answers and guidance by the right people. helps take some of that fear away by providing lawyers to help provide the answers in this new and exciting area."

Mitchell Katine
Houston, Texas

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